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Related post: Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2004 23:23:53 -0500 From: H. Rick Cantwell Subject: Rascal Part SixRascal Part amber raynor model Six Gone Fishin' or Catch and Release(M/M, Oral, Anal, Incest, Piss--No scat) This is a continuing story. Constructive criticism is welcome, at Mention the title in the Subject line or I might delete it by accident, thinking it's spam. Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The characters in this story might not practice safe sex, so you should not imitate their behavior. Save a life--your own--by practicing safe sex. If you're not old enough to read stories involving graphic descriptions of sex between consenting males, or if such stories are illegal where you live, do not continue reading beyond this sentence.Rascal Part Six Gone Fishin' or Catch and Release Memorial Day weekend arrived and Ryan and I turned penthhouse model off US-75 on our way to Lyle's place up north. The idea was for Ryan and me to open the cabin Friday night. Lyle would meet us there before noon on Saturday. The plan was for the three of us to have some fun together before I drove back alone to go to work on Sunday. That would give Lyle and Ryan some much needed quality time together--without Rascal's mom around. "How much farther?" I asked. "About five miles to the access lane and another five to the lake," Ryan said. "Why? Can't wait to jump my bone? Long drives make me horny. Are you horny? I asked Daddy once and he said he gets a hard-on sometimes when he's on long flights. I wonder if he's a member of the Mile-High Club. I'll have to ask him. So ya wanna do it when we get to the cabin?" "We have work to do. Your Dad wants us to get it ready for the summer season. Have you ever done that before?" "Not without Mom." "Think you can handle it?" "Your dick? Sure! I've had bigger ones than that ... in my dreams." "Gee, thanks for being so thoughtful of my feelings, but you know what I mean." "Sure. I know everything that NEEDS to be done but Mom never let me do any of it. In fact, that's how Daddy convinced her to stay home this weekend. He said he wanted me to learn responsibility." "Not a bad trait to possess," I said. "We're gonna turn right up here at those two signs. The one says, 'PRIVATE PROPERTY,' the other says 'NO TRESSPASSING'." I had to slow down to twenty miles an hour on the dirt access road because it was as rough as an antique washboard. About ten minutes after turning onto it, a bell on the dashboard went "ding, ding, ding." Then there was a sudden jerk and the car started coasting to a stop. It took all my strength to turn the wheel because of the sudden loss of power steering. model portal young I managed to get it halfway off the road without also landing in the drainage ditch. "What the fuck!" I said, throwing my hands up in the air. Then I pounded the steering wheel when I saw the gas light was blinking. "I can't be out of gas." "I saw this in an old movie. It's the 'Oh, I've run out of gas' ploy, huh?" Ryan said. "You just want to fuck me in the backseat and then you'll remember, 'Oh, I forgot, I've got a can of gas in the trunk.'" "Damn, you're onto me!" I said as if he were right. Then I said more seriously, "Looks like we walk the last mile from here. Is there any gas at the cabin?" "I think so ... in the garden shed. Can you use lawn mower gas?" Ryan asked as we got out of the car. "Yeah, I'll have to." I opened the trunk and held Ryan's overnight bag up honey models tgp for him to take. When he didn't take it from me, I looked over at him. He was scanning the trees, searching for something. I said, "Whatcha lookin' for?" "Huh!" He actually jumped at the sound of my voice. "Oh, uh ... bears ... there're bears up here," he said, taking his gym bag from me. I looked around skeptically. "All the more reason to haul ass then," I said. I swatted his butt and said, "Let's go." We walked for about two minutes and he kept romanian teens model looking behind us the whole time. "Wait!" he said as he bent on one knee to take off his left shoe. He upended it to dump out whatever was in there. Then he cussed as he tried frantically to put it back on. I heard the sound of a car approaching and said, "Is anyone else supposed to be coming up today?" "No, why?" "There's a car coming." "Really!" Ryan said excitedly. "Great, we can get a ride." "I thought this was private property." "Uh, yeah ... you're right," christina model passes he said, looking around expectantly. "I wonder who it is." "You've got your cell phone, right?" I said as the hackles on my neck stood up. "Yeah, it's right ...," he patted all of his pants pockets, searching. "Shit! It must have fallen out in the car." "We better go back and get it." "We can get it after we get the gas. Less walking, you know," Ryan said smugly. "If your father calls and you don't answer, this place will be swarming with Feds in no time." As a black van lumbered up the road toward us, I got an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. I thought, 'The tank was full when we left, there's no way I could have run out of gas. In fact, the bell should have gone off a good fifty miles before I really ran out. Also, no one's supposed to be on this property. But that van looks familiar.' I got a momentary feeling of elation just before I realized whose it was. "Hey, Pussy," Kevin sneered, leaning out the driver's side window. "What are you doing up here?" I asked, adrenalin coursing through my veins. "Who's he?" Ryan asked. "He's the cop who sent me to prison for six years. His name's Kevin." "Oh, well, could you give us a lift to the cabin?" midget models Ryan asked. "Uncle Dickey ran out of gas." "I saw your car back there beside the road," Kevin said. "No, we'll walk," I said, gripping Ryan by both shoulders to turn him in the gangbang model direction we had been heading. I knew Kevin had a cruel streak so I didn't want to aggrevate him. As politely as I could, I said, "Uh, Kevin, this is private property. You might want to turn around and go back." "Now that's not very hospitable at all, Pussy. The way I adolescent erotic models see it, I give you a lift to the cabin and you give me a blowjob in return." "Kevin, please. Not in front of the kid." "No, of course not! We'll blindfold him and let him guess what's going on. You know, who he's suckin' and who's fuckin' him." "Run, Ryan!" I yelled as I pushed him off the roadway in the direction of the woods. "Run!" As we took off through the underbrush and low hanging branches, I heard the side door of the van slide open with a heavy metal clunk. Looking over my shoulder, I saw at least six guys bounding out--all wearing leather masks. They were the ones that cover the whole head and lace up the back. I wanted to veer off in the hopes of deterring them from chasing Ryan but I didn't know the terrain. Then, I thought, 'I should stick with him in the hopes of protecting him if the guys chasing us catch up with us.' "This way!" Ryan yelled, not looking back. Then he disappeared-- suddenly! He was ten yards ahead of glamour models sex me and then he was gone. When I got to where I'd last seen him, I saw he was curled up in a ball at the bottom of a ravine, clutching his ankle. I zigzagged down the loose sand and gravel slope to rescue him. "I think it's sprained," Ryan whined. "Stay right there!" a voice boomed from above. I looked up to see a dozen guys all dressed in jeans and leather hoodmasks pointing guns at us. "Oh, Jesus," I groaned. "Ryan, don't panic. I'll try to figure something out, but I can't ..." "I'll be okay. Just don't leave me." "Oh, honey, no way!" I reassured him, lifting him till he was standing on one leg like a stork. "Why are they doing this?" "Get you ass up here," someone bellowed. "Now!" "He's hurt," I pleaded. "Not as much as he's gonna be," someone else said. Looking up, I saw a half-dozen guys cupping their crotchs lasciviously. One guy had a snake tattoo that wound around his wrist and lower arm. "Let me carry you," I whispered to Ryan. "No," Ryan insisted, "I don't want 'em to think I'm a wuss." "This is not a time for false bravado," I said as Ryan, with my help, hopped one-footed up the embankment. Just as we reached the top, Kevin strode up with that cocky grin on his face I'd learned to hate. "Well, Pussy, ready to play with the big dogs?" "Kevin, you don't know who you're messin' with, here. I gotta warn you ..." "Shut 'em up." Kevin snapped to no one in particular. Before I knew it, and with apparent practiced precision, both Ryan and I were gagged and handcuffed with our arms behind us. I was forced to sit on an ancient naturally felled tree that was russion nn model more rot than wood. I counted thirteen men, including Kevin, as they formed a circle around Ryan. "Strip the kid," Kevin barked. Ryan's clothes were ripped in shreds by the time they were done and he stood there in just his Nike's. I thought, 'Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. What a twist of irony!' I watched as Ryan's cock began to grow and thought, 'Oh, casablanca model 552t shit! Just when you want it to shrink from fear, it decides to grow from misdirected embarrassment.' Kevin swaggered up to stand with his crotch an inch or two from Ryan's face. "We're Saandrateenmodel gonna remove the gag but you're not gonna make a sound. Is that understood?" Ryan nodded in understanding. Kevin said, "Otherwise, Pussy over there, gets a sex change operation and you get to eat his gonads." Ryan looked models nudes hungarian up at Kevin with the most pathetic expression on his face I'd ever seen. Kevin spit in his face. "Who gave you permission to look at me, little pussy?" After Snake Arm removed the ballgag, Ryan whimpered, "No one, sir," and then lowered his gaze. "Then look at my crotch unless I tell you otherwise. You don't look ANY of us in the eyes, you understand, bitch?" "Yes, sir," Ryan said in a whisper. Kevin snapped his fingers and Snake Arm walked over, unzipped Kevin's jeans, dug in the opening and hauled out Kevin's cock. I had seen it a hundred times over the last six years. Kevin put me in prison and visited me there twice a month or more, always looking for sex. He had conveniently arranged with the warden for me to be bunked with Kevin's brother, a lifer. I became Bert's Boy. Because Bert was my protector in prison, it gave him the right to sell my ass and mouth for goods and services the whole time I was in. "Your job is to keep my fat red-headed friend happy, you understand?" Kevin's cock was fatter than most men's wrist and had young models uncensored a blood-red head on the end of an ivory white shaft. The head was the size of a light bulb and looked like an inverted thermometer--only fatter. "Yes, sir," Ryan said meekly. I jumped when Kevin yelled, "Then suck it, you sorry piece of shit!" I saw Kevin raise an arm like he was going seductive bikini model to backhand the boy but he didn't. Opening his mouth as wide as he could, Ryan eased forward onto Kevin's cock. His eyes were wide open, looking from side-to-side. I couldn't tell if he could see me out of the corner of his eye or not. I hoped so. 'Even if I can't help him--yet,' I thought, 'at least he'll be reassured that he's not alone.' Nausea crept up my throat as I saw the other twelve men start whipping out their cocks. 'Oh, God, don't puke. Not with a ballgag in your mouth. You'll suffocate.' I assessed the other guys' equipment, hoping to discover from past experience, if I recognized any of them. After I made parole, Kevin helped southy young models me get a job at The Appliance Emporium, so he still held a sword over my neck. He threatened to arrest me again on trumped up charges if I didn't service him and a few of his friends once in a while. For the most part, it was usually just damned inconvenient, like the suck-fest he'd made me attend the night before I met Lyle and Ryan. It involved servicing thirty-two guys in eight hours. Under the present circumstances, however, I figured if I got out of this alive, I'd tell Lyle any names I knew and let HIM handle it from there. Getting out alive was little toples model only a figure of speech because Kevin isn't homicidal; he's a control freak. Also, he wasn't necessarily a Dom with a capital 'D' because he liked to get fucked as much as the next guy, but no one questioned Kevin's authority. Ryan was sucking almost three-quarters of Kevin's cock into his mouth and throat. His salivary glands had kicked into high gear because saliva was drooling from the corners of his mouth like a leaky faucet. The hardest part of the whole situation was having to sit there, helplessly watching Ryan being forced to do something against his will. My only consolation was that I knew he liked what he was doing, even if he didn't like the circumstances under which he was doing it. I hoped he would mentally be able to separate the two and make it through this until ... 'Until what?' I asked myself. 'Until ... I can get loose? And do what--thirteen against one! Lingerie model photos Until he's sucked and fucked--black and blue? Please, Lyle, phone Ryan and send help.' "Hey, Pussy," Kevin shouted, "I didn't know you were into little boys." I heard a twig snap and jerked around to see a fourteenth man approaching with a steady cam--like news reporters use. "You gettin' all this, Luke?" Kevin asked. Luke came in for a closeup of my face. "You said he was purdy," Luke drawled. "So's this one. young under models Get a close-up of my big fat dick fuckin' this cocksucker's mouth." Luke stepped cautiously past the circle of men who were jacking off around Ryan. "Boy sure does drool a lot. Course, you got a lot to drool over, Kevin," Luke said. "Don't worry. I'll save some for you." "Shit! You could give it ALL away and there'd still be plenty for me." His comment didn't make sense--any more sense than why Kevin was doing this to us--but I'm sure Luke was trying to pay Kevin a compliment. Like, how big his cock was, or how much cum Kevin's fat red-headed friend would produce or whatever. "Get it nice and slick, little pussy, 'cuz I'm gonna bend you over and fuck ya like a man. Has Pussy been fuckin' ya? Well, if so," he continue--letting Ryan know he didn't need to answer--"I'm sure it was a pussy fuck. You know what a pussy fuck is, boy? It's like two women bumpin' pussies. A lot of action but rate teen models no penetration. When I get done with you, you're gonna know you've been penetrated! Fucked by a MAN'S dick!" I had been on the receiving end of that dick myself enough times. At first, Kevin let me fuck HIM--back when I was still in prison. Then, we started to switch off--which was okay, too. It was usually tender and loving during those visits. At some point, Kevin became the Dom and after that, all my fucks were rough, german young models rugged and romance-deprived. After I got out, I became the 'on call' cum depository for all his buddies--mostly cops. The only good thing about all this--if there was such a thing under the circumstances--was Kevin kept medical records on all his buddies. HIV was not an option, or in this case, a concern. I was thankful for that. "Marcus! Come plug his mouth while I fuck him. I don't want his screaming to bring any nosy neighbors silver teen model pokin' around." Ryan's eyes widened at the sight of the ebony cock being forced into his mouth. It wasn't as fat as Kevin's but it was certainly as long. The man's hands were so huge that when he cupped the sides of Ryan's face, his face disappeared. All I could see were Ryan's luscious lips sucking on that cock. Searching my memory banks, I tried to recall what Ryan had told me about blacks--his preferences, his concerns, his dislikes. Before prison, I would never have, what my older friends called 'cross the color line.' alexandra modelnet Of course, in prison that wasn't an option. Once I was forced to do it, I had no problem with it. In fact, there are times now when I'll go out specifically looking for dark meat. But Ryan's generation was different. He had black friends at school cindymodel free pics with whom he was close--very close, but I knew he'd never had sex with them. 'I wonder if Ryan's skye teen model ever had them sleep over, though?' I was sure his mom and dad wouldn't preach segregation but I didn't know if they taught him the value of diversity or not. Muffled moans escaped Ryan's throat around Marcus' fuck tool as Kevin punched his cock up Ryan's ass. I winced from the sight of it. There was no warning, no easing it in--hell, there was no lube. Groans from at least a half-dozen men echoed through the trees. "Starting with Tommy, every other one of you, on your sparkle model free knees," Kevin ordered. Six men fell to their knees like their legs had been shot out from under them. "Turn to your right and start suckin' 'cuz I wanna hear a symphony of cock suckin' and face fuckin', ya hear?" My cock, trapped as it was in the confines of my jeans, ached. My dick was leaking pre-cum like never before and in the shade of the trees, the cool air caused it to chill rapidly. I knew I was leaking so profusely because of the sight of all the hot action before me, and not because Ryan was being christina model bikini abused, but I had to admit, Ryan was putting on one hell of a show. My arms were beginning to go numb from being behind my back for so long without any chance to move. My legs were stretched out in front of me and were going to sleep. Because the log was so low to the ground, when I tried to sit with my knees bent, I started to fall backward. If I tried to lean forward in a sitting position with my knees bent, I strangled my cock. I'm into pain for pleasure but not pain just for the benefit of sitting in a different position. "Okay boys," Kevin said. "The ones on your knees, start sucking the ones behind you. The ones standing, start taking your clothes off. Luke, get all this on tape." "Hey, Kevin, how about if Pussy sucks me while I get a wide-angle shot of the guys gettin' undressed?" "Hold up boys," Kevin models picture nude shouted. "Dick For Brains finally got his first brainstorm. Of course, it came from the brain in his dick, but that's what we like, right, boys? Go ahead, Luke." Looking in my direction while he continued to pound Ryan's ass unmercifully, Kevin said, "This is the way it is, Pussy. The ballgag comes off, the dick goes in and you don't say a word. Not one peep. Anything comes out of your mouth and the kid, arctic cat model here, gets two dicks up his ass at once. bb kds models Now I know you'd just love to see that, but I've gotta punish you for tryin' kelly teen model to get away from me. So, don't try to get cute on me, or I'll blindfold you and double-fuck the kid anyway. Hell, I'll even let him scream just so you can hear what he's goin' through." I nodded 'yes' and shook my head 'no' in all the appropriate places. Luke, still videotaping, had to use one hand to release the strap on the ballgag, snagging some of my hair in naked taiwan models the process and pulling some out by the roots at the same time. I bit my import models tongue. All the while, Kevin kept up a tirade, trying to incite me to say something. It took every ounce of my willpower not to cuss the motherfucker up one side and down the other, but I abstained. One thing I learned in prison--mostly from observation, not by deed--was bide your time, be patient, don't act on impulse. An opportunity will eventually hannover model katja present itself. That's usually when someone ended up with a shiv, a homemade knife, up their ass. Word on the cellblock was that the prison surgeon always wrote it up as bleeding hemorrhoids. Luke made 15yo model sex me straddle the log, one santa baby model leg on each side, so he could face-fuck me and still film the action. He came prepared, it seemed, because he was wearing elastic-waisted sweatpants and no underwear. After dropping them and stepping out of them, he straddled the log facing me. "Do a right nice job and maybe I'll give you top billing in the movie credits," he drawled. I sucked his foreskin into my mouth. Somehow, I knew he'd be putrid with cockcheese. I wasn't wrong. He began thrusting in and out of my mouth to the same rhythm Marcus was using on Ryan's mouth. Although not totally soft, Luke preeteen models 12 hardened rapidly, forcing the head of his cock out of the foreskin and down litle models naked my throat. As he hardened, he also lengthened. I realized my new position gave my aching legs and back a rest, too. 'Make a mental note to thank Luke,' I thought causticly. On Luke's backstroke motion, I saw the six standing men beginning to get undressed. The hair patterns on one guy's femjoy model ariel chest was familiar but I couldn't put a name to him--not yet. Another guy, when he dropped his jeans, had a Queen Victoria. I thought, 'That should be easy to trace. Most pierced guys have a Prince Albert, a piercing that goes through the piss slit and down through the cum tube. This guy's went through the piss slit and UP through the head of his cock. Luckily, every one of them had some kind of distinguishing mark or tattoo. One had 'Eight is Enough' tattooed on his abdomen just above his pubic patch. He obviously had eight inches. Another had a laparotomy scar from the middle of his chest to the top of his pubes. It was an inch wide, a ruddy red and had the sheen of blueteen modelcom a pearl. Snake arm, as it turned out, had another tattoo--a corpse eating a bleeding human heart--not a valentine, but a four-chambered heart. The tattoo started just below the knee and ran down to the ankle. His body was totally shaved, including his pubes, balls, ass, legs, arms, pits--everywhere. I knew if I ever got my hands on this tape, Lyle would be able to ID most of these guys, somehow ... eventually. But as luck would have it--bad luck--I couldn't identiry any of them. It's funny how all the dicks I've sucked and bodies I've caressed looked alike now that I needed to remember something special about them. "Okay, boys," Kevin said, "those of you who are naked, line up behind me. You'll each get thirty strokes up his ass and then you'll pull out. You cock sucking pussies, get undressed and line up behind Marcus. You each get thirty stokes in pussy boy's mouth. Any one of you who ain't got a hard-on when it's your turn to fuck pussy boy's ass gets a special punishment from me later." I knew from experience, Kevin could be diabolical when he meted out his discipline, so I didn't expect any disobedience. Luke slowed down nude pink models his thrusting motions big lingrie models in my mouth and I watched as one after another, the men fucked Ryan's mouth and ass. Quiet chants of one, two, three, through thiry, spread among the men, probably to ensure no one guy got more strokes than another. The men doing the fucking got in sync with each other as each count was voiced. When they counted, they fucked into Ryan. During the momentary silence between counts, they pulled out. In, count, out, count, in, count, out, count and so on. By the time the third set of fuckers had abused Ryan's holes, Kevin strutted over to me, dick pointing north and told Luke to go get some close-up shots. "Suck my dick, Pussy. You're gonna keep me occupied while your little protégé entertains gay xxx model my friends." I knew Kevin didn't have friends. He had boot lickers and flunkies but not comrades, not amigos. "You first two, come here," Kevin called out. The two who had fucked Ryan's ass first and second after Kevin, came over, stroking their dick as they walked sprattle-legged, hips thrust forward as they walked. "Strip him down," Kevin said. They had to rip my shirt to get it off because young sexy model of the handcuffs. They stood me up to take off my jeans but Kevin held my head ls video models on his cock the whole time, so I had to bend at the waist to stand. My shoes were tossed into the woods, each one in the opposite direction, with the precision of a football quarterback. I'd guess they were close to a hundred yards apart. 'So much for a quick getaway.' I thought. The twigs, pine shats and pebbles cut like serrated knives into the adair model bottoms of my feet. "Face him so he can watch his litte pussy boy take his medicine," Kevin said. Then he got behind me and forced that nudism model enormous cock up my ass. "Just like old times, huh, Pussy? Have you missed me? What am I saying? Of course not!" Kevin had an annoying habit of asking and answering his own questions. It was like he didn't think anyone was as smart as he was, so he had to tell them what the right answer was. "You know why I had to do this, don't you?" I knew enough to remain silent. He had warned me not to say a word or Ryan would be punished with fitness model babes double-impalement. And I knew Kevin would use the two biggest dicks to do it, too. "It's all your fault, you know, you ungrateful cumrag. If you hadn't shown so much interest in the boy, I would have let him slip by --just another innocent little fling. But no, you went and made him special. But you forgot one thing, you belong to me. So anything YOU have belongs to me, too." I hated him at that littel nude modell moment. There was a time when young swim models I could have loved christina model serial him--when I was in prison. He was all the things I wanted to be, all the things I wanted to do for someone else, I wanted to do for him. His Dom complemented my Sub, MY Dom fed fodder to HIS Dom. It was like two organisms living off each other--a perfect symbiosis. But when he threw Ryan into the mix like he was just some additive--a little more pepper in the cream sauce--I lost all respect for Kevin. Ryan was more than part of a whole. He was the essence for my existence, now. But I kept my mouth shut. 'I'm gonna save that kid if teen model latin it kills me. He might be bloody and bruised but I'll save him ... somehow.' The first six men behind Ryan finished fucking him and the six who were fucking his mouth took their places in line behind his ass. "You first six, fuck his face." I knew Ryan was going to taste guess jeans model his own ass jucices on their cocks. I had tasted nudest kid model it on Kevin when he first stuck his dick in my mouth. Thank God we had experimented with ATM. Otherwise, the poor boy might have puked from the thought before he ever got a taste of his own ass juice. My anxiety eased slightly when I remembered the time I sucked Ryan's cock just after he finished fucking me and sandra mora model he didn't seem to mind. "You better work my cock with your ass good, Pussy, or I'll let my boys use your little pussy boy for sexy sandra modell a urinal." I knew from past experience that even if I DID use my ass muscles to their best advantage, Kevin would, at some point, use Ryan as a urninal if he decided it would be fun. Although Ryan and I had talked about watersports, we had never indulged in them. As I watched the debauchery before me, I saw tears were running down Ryan's face. I couldn't tell if they were from humiliation, pain, fear, or from being gagged so often on all the thick meat that was choking him. Usually, in a group of a dozen men, most are normal-sized and only one or two are huge--maybe even a couple of them are small. There was no tiny meat in this group. Everyone was eight inches or longer. Some were thin, which gave the poor boy a chance to relax his jaw a little every once in a while, but for the most part, he was stretched to the mazimum most of the time. Ryan's legs started to tremble from being bent over for so long without proper support . He looked like he was on the verge of collapse. The guy fucking his ass gripped Ryan's handcuffed wrists and lifted them at a painful angle, using them like cowboys use reins on a horse. At the other end, Ryan's lips were bloated to twice lalanamodel video their normal size, red and raw. I imagined his ass looked like raw monkey meat as well. As I looked at his cock, I was surprised to see a long strand of pre-cum dangling from it. The boy usually didn't produce much pre-cum but these guys had been fucking it out of him. "Get ready, Pussy. I'm gonna fill your ass with cum and then the real fun begins." I cringed florida models at legal preeteen models the open-ended thought because I knew Kevin would come up with something even more sinister. Kevin shot his spunk up my ass as the last of the duo's finished their thirty strokes. When the guy in Ryan's ass pulled out, Ryan fell to his side--on the leaves and twigs under him. With his hands cuffed behind him, he couldn't get comfortable. His eyes glazed and he didn't move for almost a minute--the same length of time Kevin used to continue filling my ass. From past experience, I knew he produced a huge load. "Uncuff the boy pussy," Kevin said. Then he dragged me, half stumbling over to where Ryan lay on his back. Using the toe of his boot, Kevin gently nudged Ryan in the side. "Open your mouth, pussy boy." Ryan's jaw dropped with what appeared to be his last ounce of strength. 'At least he's not unconscious,' I thought. Pushing down on my shoulders, Kevin ordered, "Squat!" I'd been through this routine before. Kevin wanted me to feed Ryan the load of jism I'd just taken. This was something Ryan hadn't done before. We had rimmed but not sucked cum out of each other's hole before. I knew he loved trying new things, so I hoped he was ready for this. I straddled his head, facing his feet and squatted. I let my low-hanging balls brush against his lips, hoping it would be something familiar to him in his dazed state. His tongue lapped out as if by some primitive instinct. I moved lower, letting him blindly find and lap at my hole. His lips, made all the softer because of their puffiness, sucked on my hole. His whole body quivered at the first taste of spunk and ass juice. His cock shot an unassisted involuntary load of cum all over his chest and belly. It jetted out of his cock with such force it looked like teen model toplists jet contrails across the sky. 'I hope that's a sensual models good sign,' I thought. I mentally put myself in Ryan's position and realized this was a boy who had thirteen cocks in his mouth and had been deprived of the cum he wanted so badly to taste. When he finally got a taste, his system went into overload. 'A good sign. It's a good sign,' I kept telling myself. "Who's ready?" Kevin asked. Snake Arm raised his hand. That's when it occurred to me he hadn't said a word the whole time. "Stand up," Kevin commanded. Since I was tom welling model the only one squatting and since Ryan was too weak to stand, I stood up. Snake Arm thrust his cock up my ass and pounded me ten or twelve times before he dumped his load. "Anyone else?" Kevin asked. "Me," Eight is Enough said. Naturally, I stood there while he deposited his load up my ass, too. "Anyone else?" There was a silent pause. "Feed him the spunk," Kevin commanded. I squatted and let the jism drizzle into Ryan's mouth that was still agape from his lack of motor functions. When he felt the first taste of the new load, he snaked his tongue out to lap at my hole. I lowered down so he wouldn't have to strain. Two more, then three more guys shot their loads up my ass models pantyhose and I fed the loads to Ryan after both fuck sessions. Then there were three more fuckers followed in suit by the last two and we were done. Luke was the odd man out, apparently too preoccupied with filming to get truly horny. MY legs were getting tired from having to maintain the squatting position for so long but, with each new deposit of cum into Ryan's mouth, HE seemed to regain more strength--at least porn model directory if his tongue was any indication. "Open up," Kevin said. I opened my mouth and he stuck his cock in. "Not a drop," he warned menacingly. I drank as his preeteen model bikini acrid piss jetisoned out in a strong stream. When he was done, he looked around at the others. "Lean the pussy boy against the log," Kevin ordered. Then slapping Ryan's face gently, Kevin said in a sing-song voice, "Wake up, little pussy boy. I want to show you something." When Ryan looked more alert, Kevin turned to Snake Arm and said, "Hold his eyes open if you have to." Kevin pulled me over in front of Ryan and had me kneel sideways so Ryan could watch. Then, one after another, the twelve guys pissed in my mouth or all over my body. Especially forceful streams were aimed at my dick to nude chocolate model keep it hard. Others backed away, aimed their piss slits toward the treetops and forced me to tilt my head back to catch it in my mouth. Piss was in my eyes, my hair, even my ears. All the while, Ryan watched wide-eyed in fascination. At some point, I realized my stomach was full and I was on the verge of puking. Not from revulsion, it was because I'd drunk more piss at one time than an Irishman drinks whiskey at a wake. But there was no more room in my stomach and my body couldn't absorb the deluge fast enough. 'Please, God," I thought, "I don't want Ryan naked model boob to have to watch me puke!' Luckily, I didn't. When the last man was empty, Kevin had me stand up. Then he dragged Ryan to his knees and told him to suck my cock. Anyone who knows anything about physics and physiology can tell you, whenever you get wet, like in a shower, you get an uncontrollable urge to piss. Then, anything warm and moist, like your fingertips in a bowl of warm water--or Ryan's mouth on my cock--makes you want to piss. Even with a hard-on, the strongest urge wins. Mine was to pee. I peed. Trouper that he is, Ryan swallowed every drop. "Okay," Kevin said, "clean up this area. Don't leave ANYthing-- not even your footprints if you can help it. Then, everyone back to the nude spermodel van." After rummaging through the woods for bikini 3d model a while, Snake Arm came over, helped me to my feet and handed me my shoes. "Put those on," Kevin said. "Let's go," Kevin said, heading us away from the direction of the van. Luke followed us as Kevin and Snake Arm led Ryan and me deeper into the woods. A future episode of Cold Case Files flashed through my mind where C.S.I. agents discover the remains of two unidentified males, fifty years from now. Ryan,Snake Arm and I were naked, except for our shoes. Luke had on his shirt and shoes but Kevin was still fully dressed. It made me feel all the more naked. At the ridge of the hill, I saw a cabin. I thought, 'I hope it's minimodels naked got a phone.' When we got lingerie modelsnet to the cabin, Snake Arm ushered us inside. It was one large room. Kitchen and living room on the left with two double beds on the right. Back in the right corner was a cubicle I could only assume was a bathroom. Snake Arm went over to the kitchen sink and began unlacing his hoodmask. With his back to us, he began washing his arms. Then he washed his left leg below the knee, down to his ankle. Turning to look at us I finally recognized him. He had washed off ebony erotic model the two fake tattoos and he had shaved his pubic hair but it was Lyle. "What the fuck!" I screamed. "I had to do it," Lyle said. "Both for your sake and for Ryan's. You two are spending so much time together, I had to put you two through a mock kidnapping scenario." "Lyle, how could you be so sure Kevin wouldn't double-cross you?" I asked. "It was only you and me there to protect Ryan and I was handcuffed. By the time you could get me loose they could have easily overpowered you. I gotta tell you, you were takin' a big risk. That's just not like you!" "I had Luke here covering my back. Oh, yeah. Luke, Dick, Dick, Luke." "Luke is Daddy's personal secretary at work," Ryan said. "But twelve against two. Lyle, that only happens in the movies!" Luke removed his hood. Short blond 1960s british models hair, Caribbean blue eyes you could drown in, teeth as straight and white as a piano model kili anderson keyboard, all joined forces to take my breath away. "Not likely, Mr. Hickey, I think we can take care of ourselves." He kicked his leg in the air to demonstrate his martial arts prowess. His cock and balls flopped at an sandra model gallery awkward--although provocative--arc in front of my face. "You see, Dick, Kevin's goons only have their muscles to defend themselves." Lyle said. "We have both superb physical training and the BRAINS to use both brains and brawn wisely." "Brut force often wins," I countered, "and the GUNS! What were you thinking? Those guys aren't the sharpest stones in a rockslide. Any one of them could have panicked if things alex wek model got out of hand and shot you--or worse--Ryan!" With a smile, Lyle said, "They're nothing more than paperweights at this point. The firing pins have been removed and the barrels poured full of epoxy. They'd be ineffectual clubs at best." "But why this way?" I asked. "To see how you'd respond." Lyle said. "Well, nude children models I failed miserably." Turning to Ryan, tears in my eyes, I said, "I'm sorry, top printer models Rascal. There was nothing I could do." I hung my head in shame as Luke unlocked my cuffs. I rubbed my arms briskly to feed new life into them. "If you ever do this to me again ... NO, if you EVER do this to Ryan again, I swear, I'll find some way--somehow--to get your ass thrown in prison for the rest of your life!" "Calm Down," Lyle said reassuringly. Ryan came bounding over, jaime teen model jumped in my lap and giggled. "We got you good!" "What!" I said, confused but glad to see that Ryan was feeling much better. "We set you up," Ryan said delightedly. "You WHAT!" "You tricked Daddy into letting me do the porn video of myself. That little nympet models was bad enough, but then you lied and said I was trying to blackmail Jason. That wasn't right," Ryan warned. "So we had to get you back. I told you never to lie to Daddy." "But to put you through this, I mean, who in their right mind ...?" "Oh, man!" Ryan said, "Wasn't it just too tiny teenie models exciting! Daddy arranged everything but I didn't know anything about what was gonna happen. I mean, I knew we were gonna get kidnapped but I didn't know when, or who it was or what they were gonna do. And I sure as hell didn't know about those other guys! When they showed up, I thought this was for real. I didn't know for sure sexys model until we got in here sandra model elweb just now and Daddy took his mask off. I didn't even know Daddy was gonna be there. Were those tattoos an awesome disguise or WHAT? And the shaved pubes! Great look, Daddy!" Ryan gave Lyle a thumbs-up. "But ..." "You see," Lyle said, "I needed to put Ryan in a scenario where he gets kidnapped so he'll know what it feels like. So he'll know what he can and cannot do. So he'll know what he can endure and what he's gotta practice--so he can LEARN to endure it." "Lyle came to me," Kevin said, "and asked me to find a dozen friends ..." "With very distinctive distinguishing marks," Lyle interrupted. "... who would be kiddie model pussy willing to simulate a gang rape," model japanese mpeg Kevin said. "... on Ryan ... on a ... youth," Lyle said. "Lyle told me," Kevin said, "that I had to stop forcing you to do some of the things I've been doing lately. He said if I'd help him out with this, he wouldn't throw my ass in prison. I figured it was a fair enough trade." "The other guys got to maintain their anonymity during the videotaping by using the hoodmasks" Lyle explained, "but I got to maintain control by getting their names and distinguishing marks on file at headquarters. The least little hint of trouble and they'll all be hauled in and prosecuted." "That helps me keep them in line, too," Kevin said, "because now they know young hardcore models if any one of them fucks up, he'll get all the rest of them in trouble, too." "That's just a perk," Lyle said. "Same goes for me," Kevin said. "Luke will keep this video as evidence, so if I ever force you to do anything against your will ..." "EVER again," Lyle said threateningly. "I go to prison. And you know how inmates feel about cops." "But YOU'RE on the video, Lyle! They'll be looking for you, too." "No, they'll be looking for a man with two model kid nude tattoos--a snake and a heart-eating-corpse. That's why I body-shaved, too. So there'd be no distinguishing body hair patterns." "Doesn't he just look good enough to eat?" Ryan asked lasciviously. "But I'm on the tape, too. I'll be incriminated right along with the others." "No you won't. That's why we made sure Luke got a good shot of you being bound teen av models and gagged. There's no way you could have been involved other than as another shayla model victim." "By the way," Luke said. "I have to apologize for penthouse nude models the smegma. The boss made me do it." Luke thrust a thumb at Lyle. "He made me wear a jock cup for two weeks and shower with a baggie over my cock and balls the whole time," Luke said defensively. "I'm not that way, at all-- honest!" Smegma? What's smegma?" Ryan asked brightly, always eager to learn new things. "Cock cheese," I said. "It's ... a build up of residue under the foreskin of model youth tgp uncircumcised guys when they don't keep themselves properly cleaned. Think of 2008 pacifica models it as toe jam of the cock." "Ewh!" Ryan said, wrinkling his nose. "Exactly," Luke said, wrinkling his 12yr cute model nose, too. "Hey, Luke!" Ryan shouted, "you never got to screw me. Wanna do it now?" "No," Luke said, "that's okay." "Awh com'on!" Ryan pleaded. "After all the model videos teen things Daddy's made you do for me over the years, you know, buying me magazines, videos and stuff. nude muscular model I owe you!" "No thanks," Luke said. "My butt's okay. I'm not sore. Well, maybe a little but in a good way. It's all warm and tingly." "He said 'no,'" I said, shaking my head at Ryan in an attempt to shut him up. "I can blow ya." "Your lips are huge, Rascal. You've gotta give 'em a rest or your mother will never let you out of her sight again." "I noticed that," Lyle said. "Whaddya think? Will your mother believe it's an allergic reaction to a bee sting?" As he looked cross-eyed down at his lips, Ryan's tongue darted across them, testing them. "They're numb!" he said, jumping up to go look in the mirror over the dresser. "Wow! They ARE huge but they don't hurt. I can still blow ya, Luke." "Thanks, but no thanks," Luke said uncomfortably. I watched as Ryan counted on his fingers. "But that's thirteen and that's unlucky. You have to let me do ya or I'll have bad luck the rest of my life." "Give it a rest, Rascal," I said. "Maybe Luke doesn't want to do it in front of his boss. Did you ever think of that?" "Daddy wouldn't care." "Besides, the twelve guys and Kevin make thirteen but then you had to take me on. That makes fourteen. That breaks the spell." Ryan glared at me like he didn't like me being onto his little flimflam. "Oh, okay," Ryan said running back to me. "But you didn't cum. You gotta fuck me till you cum up my butt and then I get to feed it to you the way you did me." All the while he had been sitting in my lap earlier, he kept me more than half hard. So, when he bounded back to jump in my lap, he was easily able to stuff my cock up his ass. I was surprised to find it as tight as ever. I was hoping it was from youthful resilience but it was probably from inflammation. "Luke?" Ryan asked. "Yeah," Luke said warily. "Will you let me do you when asian nonude models I turn eighteen?" "Twenty-one, maybe." "Deal," Ryan said, making peace with himself about allowing this one to get away. "Wait a minute," I said, "where'd the other guys go?" I asked. "They had to head back home," Kevin said. "Some of 'em work the night shift. child model crossdress I'm gonna spend the night and ride back with you tomorrow. Lyle didn't want minimodels pussy you to drive back alone." "How considerate, under the circumstances," I said, giving Lyle the evil eye. "You think they got off the property all right?" Kevin asked. "I'll check," Lyle said. He walked over, opened an antique wardrobe cabinet and turned on some kind of surveillance device. After a couple of mouse clicks, a map of the general vietnamese models nude area appeared and we watched a 'blip' as it headed south down US-75. "What I don't understand is how I ran out of gas ... OR why the idiot light didn't come on before the bell went off," I said. "I had the tech crew rig a false bottom in your tank. Using Bessie, here," Lyle said, patting the computer monitor, "I was able to pinpoint exactly where you were. Then I released what gas you had left into the bottom tank--in effect, running you out of gas with a click of the mouse." "Ah, the marvels of technology," I said wistfully. "Then, I knew Ryan would run for the cabin, so Luke and I left from here and headed in your direction." "To deter you from getting this far," Luke said, taking off his shirt, revealing a well-muscled torso. Kevin started getting undressed, too. "So, now that you know neither one of us can save the other, what's your plan?" Lyle said, "I've set aside tonight for pleasure. Tomorrow, we'll talk about how each of you felt at different times during the assault--especially you, Ryan--and Sunday ... well ... that'll be Ryan's choice."
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